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Dr Liz Fernandez DVM, CVA

    Acupuncture for Pets: Promoting health through balance of body, mind, heart and spirit.

    Dr. Liz Fernandez understands that every being is a sacred expression of LOVE. Our relationships with all other beings is where this LOVE blossoms. As we CHOOSE to focus our time and energy on growing these relationships, the world is a more loving place.

    Business Mission Statement

    To promote loving relationships between people and their four-legged companions by using acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to maintain the balance of body, mind, heart and spirit of these four-legged beings of love.

    Personal Mission Statement

    Supporting all beings in engaging their innate healing abilities.

    My Commitment

    • Integrity
    • Compassion
    • Service
    • Quality
    • Balance
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    Dr. Liz Fernandez DVM, CVA

    Well respected within the Veterinary Community, Dr. Liz Fernandez has been practicing Small Animal and Emergency Veterinary Medicine since 1982. She is a graduate of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

    In 2000, she experienced the power of Chinese Medicine first-hand. Emerging from a serious injury totally healed, she vowed to share this profound ancient wisdom with her clients and patients.
    Dr. Liz has completed over 600 hours of instruction in Chinese Veterinary Medicine through the
    Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida. Currently, she is certified in Veterinary Acupuncture, Herbology and Tui-Na ( the Chinese equivalent of physical therapy, chiropractic and massage). She has also studied Tai Qi, Qi Gong, and Chinese Food Therapy.


    She believes that, as animal companion guardians, we are the PRIMARY HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS. Her commitment is to share the Ancient Wisdom of Chinese Medicine to enable each of us to be as effective as possible in this role. She has given workshops locally over the past several years and has also had the opportunity to share these concepts internationally including China.
    Dr. Liz understands that every being is a sacred expression of LOVE. This love is the essence of ALL HEALING. She is passionate about sharing how the power of Chinese Medicine can help us open our hearts to this truth and heal our pets, ourselves, and our planet.
    Dr. Fernandez lives in Newbury Park, California, with Willie, her short-hair orange kitty and Yellow Lab Goldie. Ginger, her Black Lab, joined Sally and Chester "Across the Rainbow Bridge" on December 30, 2007.
    If you have a question or concern you'd like to discuss with Dr. Fernandez, she encourages you to
    call or e-mail her, regardless of where you live.  She is committed to helping you help your loved one.
    It matters not if medicine is old or new so long as it can cure.
It matters not if theories come from East or West so long as they be true.
    — Jen-Hsou Lin, DVM, Ph.D.